This just cant be a writer’s block!!

Why is it so hard to get yourselves to write something? Is it just me or is this an across the board phenomenon? Ive been wanting to start a blog for a little over three years now. Two domain registrations and 1 post in my first attempt later, I find myself staring at a blank page with my domain. Trying to ask myself and understand what all could be the possible reasons and which among them would best explain this predicament. Lack of inspiration, laziness, concern over writing / contributing something worthwhile or just plain old procrastination are some of the top suspects that come to my mind.

In any case, any of them could not or rather should not have accounted for the long 3 years that took me to reach this point. In a bid to find a niche or writing something worth sharing, I pushed myself to a position where I ended up contributing nothing. Clearly, that approach wasnt working. And now I have told myself to try and look at the whole thing a bit differently. The thought process now is to just start contributing, in Seth Godin’s words to just ship it, without getting overtly concerned about what Im shipping and why. The attempt this time around is to attain some level of momentum and a critical mass of contributions, beyond which the positive vibes created around the process; the amalgamation of collective thoughts and energies of the people around me, would be incentive enough to sustain.

And between, this just cant be a writer’s block, because by definition, you got to be a author / writer first to be able to hit the block apparently!!