The story of the cool kid who controls a car with an app

It was couple of months back that I came across this kid named Arvind Sanjeev. He is all of 21 years old and a final year student at TOCH engineering college. To be honest, I don’t quite recall the context of our first meeting but what I do distinctly recall is how impressed I was when I checked out his blog. The young lad came across as nothing short of a serial innovator and some of his creations were truly mind blowing. I remember one of my friends saying that it probably would be tough to get into his house without being tracked by any sensor (Well, I edited that a bit. His exact words were without getting an electric shock, but you get the point )

One of his innovations was how he can control a car using an app. The app can turn on the ignition; control the central locking mechanism and also the air conditioning. It can also do the throttle. All enabled by the app communicating to one small piece of hardware that goes under the dash of the car. And FYI, I checked with him and yes, it can be tweaked to also control your car stereo.

One of THE first thoughts that came to my mind was This is COOL and I NEED one for my car. And over the days it is proving well that a similar thought has passed through a lot of other minds that came across this piece of kickass innovation as well. For instance, the concept was showcased to journalists who came to visit Startup Village as part of the Blackberry media visit to Rubus Labs. They were so wowed by the whole thing that they couldn’t stop talking about our very own bond style lad over lunch. Their enthusiasm also extended to their writing and to see what the result was, let me just let you check out the coverage yourself.

It was subsequently noticed by Annie (Director @ Blackberry) and then by the Blackberry India marketing team and he was invited to be one of the showcases during the BB10 & Z10 India launch at Mumbai. It would be an underestimation if I mention that this RideSmart app concept was the show stealer! Stuff called it the Blackberry Magic App –Link. The Canadian Minister for Minister (Commercial) with the Canadian High Commission, Sara Wilshaw was also impressed and mentioned that she could use one for her car. It would solve her problem of the car being too hot (while in India) or too cold (while in Canada) by switching on the AC before she enters the car from the convenience of her app.

It is indeed very interesting to talented youngsters like Arvind coming forward and making a mark on the big stage. Im quite excited by the possibility of more kids like Arvind coming up well leveraging the platform and opportunity that Startup Village offers. Having said that, Im also convinced that the journey for this 21 year old is just about getting started! I wish him the very best.

One of the journos gave an inside tip to one of the other participants at Startup Village to get one installed on his car to woo the girls. So all those out there who wish to increase the cool factor of their cars by quite a few notches (and your own cool factor by extension) you know where to knock!